Do you offer a physical CD option?
We no longer offer physical CDs, only digital albums which can be played on your mobile, computer and through all Bluetooth devices and car stereos.

How soon will my order arrive?
Each Digital Album has to be manually processed due to the personalised nature of each order. You can expect to receive your Digital Album within 6-72 hours.

Are my credit card details safe?
YES! We process through Shopify one of the world’s most trusted online payment solution and we NEVER see your credit card details, so they are 100% safe.

Can I get an Album with two names on it?
No sorry, Albums are pre-recorded with one name per Album.

Can you make hyphenated names?
No sorry, Albums are pre-recorded with one name per Album.

How many times will my child's name be mentioned?
Your child's name is spoken and sung over 60 times.

I can’t find my name on the list?
Sorry we can only do the pronunciations of names shown on this list. Also check all different spellings, ie. Jacob might be Jakob.

Is there a refund/money back option?
As the Albumss are custom made for each child's name we do not offer a refund option. Please listen carefully to the sample of your child's name before ordering and make sure you are happy with the sound. Sales are full and final.

Any other questions please message us through Facebook