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The loveable Disney Princesses sing your child's OWN name over 60 times on this adorable Album. Click below to find your child's name from over 1650 options and listen to a FREE sample! Watch your child's face light up when they hear their own name as they are the star.

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1) Let's Imagine Together
2) The Perfect Princess Tea
3) Learning To Be A Princess Tea
4) Every Girl Can Be A Princess
5) Having A Tea Party
6) I Love Getting Dressed For Tea
7) Parties At the Palace
8) So Very Glad You're Here
9) Invited To The Castle
10) Manners And Etiquette
11) Grand Celebrations
12) The Princess Dance
13) My True Love
14) I'm Waiting For My Prince
15) A Special Tea Party
16) Happy Birthday Princess
17) A Princess Farewell